Full Thematic Build Pistol


$50 Deposit for Full Custom Thematic Build : Pistol

You will receive a downloadable order packet upon checkout to be completed and sent with firearm.
We will need to correspond via the contact form below for further details and pricing.

Price will vary based on options selected a 50% or sum of parts deposit will be required before work begins on your project.

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    • All custom work requires a non-refundable $50 deposit at the time of ordering.
    • Custom thematic builds will require a phone or email consultation to understand your vision for your project
    • The $50 deposit(s) will be credited towards the total cost of options selected and work performed.
    • A second deposit equaling either 50% of the estimate, or the sum of parts purchased by us to complete your build will be required before work begins on your project
    • When your order is complete, you will be invoiced for the remainder, and your project will be shipped back to you.
    • Approximate lead times will vary, and are based upon the order which projects are physically received in the shop. An update will be sent with an estimate when your project arrives.
    • View the product gallery and captions for visual representations of just some of the possibilities.
      Now on to the fun stuff – This is your dream build. We understand what you are entrusting us with – if we are not intimately familiar with your source material, we will absolutely immerse ourselves in it until we become so – we aren’t here to rubber stamp a pattern of paint on your prized pistol.
      We will use part selection, hand fitting, machining, engraving, various finishes, polymer sculpting, etc in a cohesive manner to bring the theme to life, it’s by far our favorite type of job, and the passion we put into it shows.