Fowler Zero Trigger


Fowler Industries Zero Trigger for Glocks, Black/Black

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 No more “light switch” feel when breaking shots off. Left and right angled front faces allow a more focused and comfortable straight back pull. Rather than having a wide empty face, angled sides focus on a smaller portion of the shooters trigger finger. Sensitivity is increased, resulting in easier shot break prediction, as well as a slightly different pull feel. A captive safety allows the shooter to focus even more on a comfortable flat surface, while avoiding an uncomfortable bar extending completely down the face of the trigger. Minor pre-travel is removed, and trigger maintains drop safe status. OEM trigger bar only.


  • Material: 6061 aluminum
  • Finish: hard anodize
  • Misc: Drop in, drop safe, side insets, front face angled, captive safety lever, OEM trigger bar. Recommend using OEM “-“/Minus , or OEM “.” Dot connector.
Compatibility: Gen 3/4: 


Gen 5:


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