Cantilevered Cheek Riser – SB Tactical FS1913 Brace


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For SB Tactical FS1913 Brace (not included)






Ten Degree Riser installed on SB Tactical FS1913 Pistol Brace


  • Fit SB Tactical FS 1913 Pistol Brace
  • Clamshell design for secure mounting
  • Simple one-tool installation
  • Smooth round angled or flat surface for extreme comfort
  • optimized for use with high mounted optics
  • optimized for passive weapon use with night vision, as the operators head will be further back on the lower portion of the mount
  • Gooseneck design extends forward to the hinge for modern shooting stances and head position
  • Extremely strong and lightweight
  • Folding is not inhibited by width, matches rear of brace

Information on the SB Tactical FS1913 Brace (not included) can be found here:




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